Posted by: damieri | October 30, 2010


So I left the Guild because I really didn’t play with anyone in there and they were too hard-core. Ashodin and I started a guild with our friend Jitlok and got some new friends outta it but almost everyone left or just didn’t care about it… so it’s pretty much just us now. I however have made it to 72. This is the highest level character I have. I like it. Though with the new patch I switched to Frost wish Fire as my duel spec. I’ve gotten better at my rotations with frost. I had went Arcane for about a week and I just couldn’t get it. I didn’t like it… and they kinda nerfed it anyway. Well, I should get some rest. I’m tired from running around Carytown in Richmond today.

Posted by: damieri | October 17, 2009

33 and grinding

I’ve made it to level 33 and I’m practicing bg’s so maybe soon I’ll be doing pretty good. Most of the guild I’m in doesn’t talk to me and I really don’t wana raid with them because they are kinda pissy about raids. I should know since my bf is in the guild as well. 😦 Oh well. I will just see what happens when I grind that bar!

Posted by: damieri | October 10, 2009

Lets see how far this goes…

Well, I just got WoW back and I decided to start a blog about my adventures as a Fire Ballin M.A.G.E.

Here’s a link to the wonderful song by Nyhm that inspired my blog title.